UGX 25,000

Guitar strings are an essential part of any guitarist’s kit.



Classical guitar strings by Alice have brought established strings manufacturing techniques and quality components into a new lower price range. Using materials imported from Germany, France, Japan and the USA, Alice guitar strings are constructed to the same high specifications as many leading brands. They also feature an ultra fine, anti rust coating bonded to the string to extend playing life LIke many more expensive sets, these classical guitar strings have a composite copper alloy wire core. It is surrounded by sliver plated winding before being coated with an anti rust layer to defend against corrosion caused by exposure to air, moisture and general wear and tear


  • Suitable for any classical or nylon string guitar
  • Normal tension. Our most popular set for student players
  • Clear and defined tone
  • Quality materials,
  • Ultra fine anti rust coating helps to prevent corrosion, leading to longer string life