Step One: Treat your guitar with care.

Treat your guitar how you would treat guitars at the instrument shop or maybe your other valuable possessions. Never lay it down on the ground when you are not playing it or doing maintenance on it. The best place for your guitar is inside its own fitted case or something that will hold it properly. You can choose between a hard case, a gig bag, or hang it on a wall hanger or stand it up on a floor stand.

If you have an electric guitar, try loosening the strings a bit so you can remove the dust that most likely has gathered around the pickups

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If you have an acoustic, loosen the strings and remove the dust by the bridge.

You don’t need to loosen them much, just enough to get a cloth underneath. *Prod the hardware to see if it is loose, and if it is, see if there is a screw you can tighten.

Step Two:  Changing Strings.

Restringing a guitar is not as hard as it may seem. Make sure you have the correct strings for any guitar you have, you can also mix and match different gauges and metal material for electrics.

  • You might find it easier to start with high E (1st string), but it doesn’t matter where you start.

A real nice thing to possess is a string winder; it makes the process of unwinding and winding string much easier. It is not a required tool however, but most certainly I recommend that you should use it, just in case of accidental string breaks on stage. First, you unwind the string at the machine head. Keep on turning until the string is so loose. You can wind off the string with your hands and removing it from the machine. Then, you go down to the bridge and notice how the string is fastened there

Make sure you have a few wraps around the peg for if not, the string will go out of tune more often and easily.

maintain the guitar
There are several different ways the guitar manufacturers make bridges. However, on most electrics, it is quite simple and you do not need a tool to loosen the strings.

Step Three:  Customization

Go to your local instruments shop, or look on the internet for spare parts. Replacing a pick guard or volume knobs are things almost everyone could do with their guitar and increase looks.
If you are a skilled artist, you can try to customize your guitar by painting it, or you can put on some stickers. However, do not paint an acoustic guitar as it can reduce the quality of the sound. Do not try to reshape it, neither the body nor the neck and headstock, as this can mess up the sound coming from it.

Thank you very much for reading. Let’s catch up next time.

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